Equity Film School Agreement Rates

However, there has been a problem with the charitable status of most film schools, which Hmrc lawyers are currently dealing with. Once this is clarified, Equity will contact film schools to inform them of their legal obligations related to the NMW, provided that their charitable status does not mean that it is not applicable to them. For your information, Equity have an agreement with the NFTV school and this could be applied by any film school that wanted. Equity took a very broad approach to film schools a few years ago, but they refused to get in touch with us. >>>I don`t agree, the vast majority are not film schools, they are media studies or print courses, and I don`t take pity on them if they don`t have a budget, they have budgets to pay for all other qualified professionals who come into contact with their students, including tutors and cleaning staff. Most students don`t even learn to budget. Regarding the quality product, I do not agree with the fact that they dismantle quality products (with the exception of film schools) >>>>> The new guide contains a form of commitment (contract) for use with student filmmakers, as well as information on problems to be taken into account, cancellations and working hours. Download your copy or call Equity on 020 7670 0248. I do not agree when you say that the responsible way to negotiate with the parties is that there are about 500-2000 film schools media schools that you give to almost every school giving a camera to a student and expects them to continue. It is simply unrealistic to expect every local branch of Equity to trade locally.

I guess it would be very easy to tackle this problem by throwing the actor the real cost of burning a copy of the DVD for them (i.e. peanuts) in height. If the actor was also paid (even at low prices), then the actors would generally be in a much better position than they currently are. It could also help to get copies of the film (which I know is sometimes a sensitive subject), because it would be a transaction and not a favor. Just a thought. So what`s going on? Are we going to let his talent collapse? Do we NOT support the new generations of filmmakers? Or should we take our own position and use our common sense and receive a reward one way or another? >>>I think we need to be realistic and understand that most of Mejia`s students are students and don`t go everywhere.

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