Grant Agreement Amendment H2020

An amendment proposed by a consortium comes into force on the day of the Commission`s signing. Be prepared to consult > amendment > amendment > amendment > The Consultation Committee > Sign-Submit > assessment > counter- When assessing the amendment by the EU, the external user has no task and only has access to documents filed and registered. EU services have 45 days to assess demand. Exception: in cases where coordinators must be replaced without their consent, another beneficiary (on behalf of the other beneficiaries of the consortium) submits the application. The Commission/Agency must be contacted before requesting these amendments that can only use AT81 for MSCA-IF-GAs (for other MSCA grants, please use how to prepare an amendment. To select or disable a manual grant option or a manual change type (for example. B, amendment of Schedule 1 and amendment of Schedule 2), you must ask the EU representative. Click here for an overview of manual or automatic types and how you can change the data from the grant agreement. The type of change is manually implemented by the Helpdesk after receiving a request from the project manager and after consultation with legal services.

Note: «Unlocking the project» makes the amendment editable. Grant management services analyze the validity of the application so that it can be signed and submitted. Once it is considered valid, the coordinator can block the data for verification, triggering the creation of a PDF file. The amendment is considered prepared and the metro line therefore moves in the «prepared» status. Refusal: if the application is not valid (for example. B if it is contrary to the terms of the grant agreement), incomplete or erroneous, or if the responsible authority does not reject it, the Commission`s agent formally rejects it. A reference number of the change requirement is created, which contains the project number. This number is important because it allows you to follow the amendment.

At the end of the webinar, you are ready to move forward with confidence in the preparation of your Horizon 2020 grant agreement and to effectively initiate and manage current or future changes to your Horizon 2020 projects. The maximum amount of the grant should not be less than the funds paid or deposited to date. If the Commission requests an amendment, the application is prepared and signed electronically. You will receive a notification from the «Notifications» section of the financing and tendering portal.

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