How Do I Get My Name Removed From A Rental Lease Agreement

Inform the owner that the roommate wishes to be removed from the rental agreement. Some landlords simply ask the other roommates for written permission and then remove the name of the rental agreement. 3) In the event of a divorce, the agreement or decree may require him to remove his name, which means that you will then only need the landlord to do so voluntarily with your daughter, since today`s ex-husband would be obliged to accept the change. 1) We are with the agreement of the parties to the lease agreement- i.e. If your daughter, your landlord and her Erehemann agree, they can execute a document that terminates the old lease and installs a new one. When you signed the lease, you assumed certain legal responsibilities. This involves the responsibility of paying your share of the rent. Since your tenants are also parties to the tenancy agreement, you cannot walk away from it without leaving them in possession of the bag; that is, if you leave the apartment, they are stuck and pay your share of the rent. So start by asking the other tenants if they are willing to take on this additional responsibility. Sometimes the landlord voluntarily authorizes the creation of a new rental agreement with your missing name, but this requires the written permission of your roommates. Talk to a lawyer to find out if there are legal means that can be prosecuted. If the reason for the extract is either due to illegal or dangerous behavior of other roommates, or if the house has ignored requests to resolve a problem — then the owner may be forced to remove the person from the rental agreement.

If you are a tenant, you cannot remove a person`s name from your rental agreement. This means that if your roommate or ex want to stay or come back regularly and leave their business, there is nothing you can do. Your landlord is not required to remove your roommate`s name from the rental agreement. Remember first the principle that all tenants share debts on the basis of co-tenants. Therefore, with more names included, there are more people in need of paying rent and solving problems. Note: If you do not move and pay the full rent, your landlord may dislodge you and continue with the rent due.

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