Navy Enterprise Software Agreement

The DoD Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI) is a contractual mechanism that defines and manages information technology (IT) agreements, assets and policies to reduce overall operating costs in the DoD, Coast Guard and Intelligence communities. DoD ESI`s mission spans the entire business IT lifecycle and combines DoD`s purchasing power with commercial software vendors, hardware providers and service providers. For more information on the manager program, customer support and sourcing strategy (PMM-172) and other DON ESL agreements, see: (CAC needed) Detailed ordering instructions and templates in the HID Global ActivID II ORDER GUIDE, which is available in the «I Want to Order» tab in the following URL: (CAC needed) DoD ESI is sponsored by the DoD Chief Information Officer (CIO) to save time and money on commercial software. The joint team of experts consolidates the requirements and establishes agreements with information technology providers, which leads to a strategy of contract and supplier management for the entire department. In the first 10 years of operation, DoD ESI achieved cost reductions of more than $3 billion in prices set by the GSA Federal Supply Schedule. Activities should consult with their organizational/program office and follow their current ordering and financing processes to place orders under this agreement. In accordance with the Memorandum of 22 February 2012, DON Chief Information Officer (CIO)/Assistant Secretary of the Navy Research, Development – Acquisition (RDA)/ASN Financial Management – Comptroller (FMC) Memorandum), the implementation of the DON ESL agreements is mandatory in order to maximize cost savings. The agreement can be ordered by the DON. The order manual contains details about the points of command considered authorized users.

Requests for the DON ESL agreement for HID Global ActivID II can be addressed to the following contact points: The product categories included in the ESI DoD are: The Marine Enterprise Software Division (ESL) agreement for HID Global ActivID II covers the ActivClient product suite per user.

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