Renewing Lease Agreement Ontario

Most landlords increase a tenant`s rent when their lease expires, but depending on the province or territory, they can only do so every 12 months. Some landlords will be willing to negotiate the amount to increase the rent, so it`s a good idea to discuss this matter at least with them. The landlord is not required to negotiate the rent increase, but is required to give you some notice if he decides to increase the rent. The amount of notification the owner must give varies from place to place, so you need to check the legislation near you to find out. The notification you receive should have the amount of the rent increase and the date it is due to come into effect. If you do not wish to renew your tenancy agreement because the rent increase is too high, you have the right to inform the landlord of your intention to terminate. However, they must put their landlord in touch with this notification within the necessary time. I gave you the terms of the new lease. If you don`t accept it, you`ll be out. Although not explicitly mentioned, LTB will often find that the equipment contained at the beginning of the tenancy agreement and left to the tenant alone is part of the rent. This means that the landlord may be on the hook for repairs, or may be needed to reduce rent when amenities are removed. Landlords do not have a general obligation to allow tenants to renew their leases and may decide not to renew for any reason or reason. …

Similarly, a landlord cannot renew a lease simply because he or she does not like a tenant, but he must not refuse to renew a tenant`s lease because he or she is African-American. It is obviously clearer if this is written in the rental agreement, but the LTB is generally less severe. The lease is expected to expire in accordance with the lease agreement. Always communicate in writing to the owner. If you don`t give the right number of days, you may have to pay for extra months. To the extent that this information is clearly stated in the tenancy agreement and the tenant agrees at the beginning of the lease, this should not be a problem. At the end of the lease, if the tenants want to evacuate, they must cancel 60 days in writing in accordance with the provisions of the Housing Act. Check with tenants whose leases are coming to see if they want to continue renting from you to avoid any surprises. If you have to move out of your home before the lease expires, you are still responsible for paying the rent per month until the end of the contract. This email is your official confirmation that I will not renew your lease.

I will set up posting hours in the next few weeks and contact them to coordinate. If tenants wish to stay at the end of the original lease, they can opt for one month to one month under the same terms of the expired tenancy agreement.

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