Scentsy Cross Border Agreement

The exciting news is that if you live in the U.S. and Canada, you can recruit and sponsor new team members in Mexico, but you can also sell Scentsy in Mexico if you sign the cross-border deal! What exciting news! How can I sell or sponsor products to someone in the Netherlands? To sell and/or sponsor outside your home country, you must accept a cross-border agreement. There are two types of cross-border agreements: region and out-of-out. The Cross Border Agreement allows consultants to sell and sponsor in other countries in their home region. The agreement from outside the region allows consultants to sponsor (but not sell) outside their home region. In addition to the monthly fee for the personal website (PWS), a fee is charged for the support of this service. To add the Netherlands, go to the Account tab of your workstation and scroll down the “International” section. Detailed instructions can be found in the Cross-Border Sponsoring Outside Your Region training document in the Business References tab of the Learning Center. What do you think of people in the Netherlands who want to join Scentsy? You will be encouraged to talk to your friends and contacts, become a Scentsy consultant, and promote the opportunity on social media sites. Please keep in mind that you cannot purchase email lists, phones or direct emails to contact people you do not know personally. • Acceptable: I live in the United States and my mother lives in the Netherlands. She talks to some of her friends about the great opportunity that is Scentsy and reminds them to join me because I have the Region 2 cross-border agreement. • UNACCEPTABLE: I live in the United States and my mother lives in the Netherlands.

She sends a generic email from me to all employees of her company to join Scentsy. US-EN 6/4/19 2 I have contacts in the Netherlands that I would like to sponsor, but I do not speak Dutch; I speak english. How can I support them? If you subscribe to the International Service Fee Agreement for the Netherlands, you can view the Dutch version of your workstation and personal website (PWS) in Dutch or English. Please also note that more than 90% of the Dutch population also speaks English. Will my PWS support the Netherlands? Your PWS will be able to support the Netherlands as soon as you accept the cross-border agreement for a country and pay the international service fee. How can new advisors register? All new consultants must join an up-to-date Scentsy consultant on the consultant`s personal website (PWS) – click Join to get started. Which region is Scentsy associated with the Netherlands? The Netherlands will be part of Region 2. See below: • Region 1: The United States and its territories, Canada and Mexico • Region 2: Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom • Region 3: Australia and New Zealand You can only sponsor new consultants outside your home country if you have a cross-border agreement for that country and have paid the subscription fee. You may not sell Scentsy products outside of your home region. How much is a starter kit in the Netherlands? 99 € (VAT included, excluding shipping costs). How old do I have to be to enter the Netherlands as a consultant? At least 18 years old. Can new Dutch advisors participate in scentsy Family Reunion (SFR) in Amsterdam? Yes! We have reserved space for the SFR (from 16 to 17 August) for all new Dutch councillors interested in participation.

You can enter and save on the day of the event. Please invite potential new team members to join you as a guest or participate on their own to experience Scentsy yourself….

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