Stark Law Exceptions Personal Services Agreement

For example, if a group of pulmonologists rents an X-ray machine from a group of family physicians who otherwise go to pulmonologists, the rent paid to the family doctors who generate the transfers can be paid “per click”. In such a situation, the amount paid to the doctor making the transfer is not contrary to stark status as long as the payment per unit is made at fair value and does not change during the term of the contract that motivates the relationship. (ii) for physicians engaged in part-time or sporadic obstetric practice, costs attributable exclusively to the obstetric part of the doctor`s treatment defect insurance and relating only to obstetric services – (B) Per unit of non-temporary benefit costs, to the extent that such costs reflect services provided by the party authorizing the use of the premises; provide equipment, personnel, goods, supplies or services covered by the agreement to the Party to which the authorisation is granted. No no. This regime applies to the exemption for ancillary services in the office. Under Stark Status, the Agency is considered a central site and no medical monitoring of services is required. The profit sharing of the agreement does not reflect the volume or value of the recommendations to DHS.

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