Supplementary Agreement Amendment

To conclude an agreement on the deed, the draft addendum relating to the Adviser Departmental Contract of LA (W), DEVB, must be submitted for legal review. CONSIDERING that, in accordance with Article V(3) of the Agreement, amendments may be made to the Agreement; and whereas the Parties intend to make certain amendments to the Agreement. CONSIDERING that Brunei Darussalam has in the meantime signed the Basic Agreement on ASEAN Industrial Joint Ventures (BAAIJV) and the Supplementary Agreement with BAAIJV; Whereas, on the seventh day of November 1983, the Governments of the Republic of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Republic of the Philippines, the Republic of Singapore and the Kingdom of Thailand signed the Basic Agreement on ASEAN Industrial Joint Ventures (BAAIJV); and “1. If an application for the production of a JIA product has been approved by a participating country and has been duly informed of coime, all participating countries shall renew, within ninety (90) days of their commercial manufacture, a minimum preferential tariff margin of seventy-five percent (75%) for the JIA product. “7. With the approval of the definitive schedule by the EMA, there shall be a prior commitment to extend by the participating countries at least seventy-five per cent (75%) the preferential tariff margin for JSIA products, in accordance with Article III(1) and (6). Accordingly, the undersigned, being duly authorized by their respective Governments, have signed this Additional Agreement. 2. That this Additional Agreement enter into force on the date on which it obtains the agreement of the Contracting Parties. An original Related Trust ceases to be a partner without the prior written consent of the General Partner, after the interests of that Original Related Trust have been transferred to the Subsequent Related Trust, in accordance with its related supplementary trust agreement. In addition, before the implementation of the amendment, the agreement of the competent authorities must be obtained in accordance with Annex V(B) to the SPC. Once the amendment is concluded, a copy will be given to the contract advisor of the department. PERFORMS in Singapore in English – on this sixteenth day of June 1987.

An endorsement is required for payment from the owner to the contractor for materials or equipment stored off-site in a location that is not located in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 1. The minimum margin of fifty per cent (50%) of the preferential tariff preference in Articles 1 (7) and III (1) of the Agreement shall be amended to reflect a minimum margin of seventy-five per cent (75%) of the tariff preference. Articles I(7) and III(1) of the Agreement shall be replaced by the following:. . . .

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