Talent Agreement Uk

18.1 The photographer and/or client and anyone who obtains rights from or through the photographer/client is not permitted to use images for use outside the authorized use or for any other use agreed upon or authorized in accordance with sections 2.1, 3, 15, 16 and 17. The client is taken into account by the fact that the photographer/client undertakes to restrict the use and exploitation of copyrighted content of the photo or other intellectual property rights. If the client is not the photographer, the client must be aware of the photographer`s contractual terms and obtain his consent to these conditions before the start of the shoot. Both agency fees and talent payments are charged by the Agency. 11.2 Subject to restrictions in sections 3.3 and 11.1, behind-the-scenes film is permitted provided the talent is ready. 12.3.1 any other agreements between the parties (including, but not limited to, clause 22 (data protection) of the main agreement); and «Booking Confirmation» refers to the booking confirmation form containing specific details of the talent booking. Unless otherwise agreed and indicated in the booking confirmation form, the additional fee covers the right to use an image for authorized use. Under no circumstances will any additional user fee be less than the daily talent allowance announced by the Agency, unless the Agency has decided otherwise at its sole discretion. 13.1.5 it will immediately provide the Agency with all necessary information (including, but not only on the location and duration of filming and the requirements for travel abroad), as well as details of service delivery, so that the Agency can ensure that the talent is properly prepared and able to provide the services. 25.8 The terms of the contract constitute the whole agreement between the parties and trigger any previous agreement or arrangement between the parties regarding the purpose of the agreement. 14.1 The client releases the Agency and frees the Agency from all costs, expenses, damages and losses incurred by the Agency and/or talent (including: but not limited to all legal costs and expenses to full compensation) arising or related to: 11.4.3, present to the processor to verify these copies of the agreements made by the processors with subprocessors (which can be edited to remove confidential business information that is not relevant to the requirements of this agreement) as the processor may occasionally require the processor. 19.3.2 Workers` liability insurance, as prescribed by the Employer Civil Liability Act 1969 and in some other way, encompasses all talents who provide services to the client under the direction and control of the client, as if the talent were an employee of the client, in an amount sufficient to cover the health and safety and future income of those talents; 18.3 To avoid doubts Notwithstanding all agreements, including the exclusive use and use of images, the client acknowledges and accepts that the Agency and the talent may use images (or reproductions, etc.) resulting from a reservation in any form for the following purposes: 11.1 Nude, semi-naked, viewed, swimsuit or lingerie photographs expressly requires written permission from the Agency. The use of the talent image should not be, directly or indirectly, scandalous, pornographic, derogatory or a cause for mockery or embarrassment for talent.

The image should not be altered or distorted. 11.3.3 ensures that all third parties hired by the client in the service delivery are duly qualified, experienced and professional and treat talent with professionalism and respect; Additional royalties are provided for the right to use the image or reproductions of the talent, adaptations or drawings derived from that image, or any other representation of it, either in full or in part, or in full or in part, or in full or in part, whether they are alone or in connection

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