The Gwich`in Agreement 1992

In accordance with Chapter 22 of the agreement, the Canadian government undertakes to pay to the GNWT, as of December 22, 1992, all property taxes collected as of December 22, 1992 for municipal real estate. Specific information on these communal spaces is provided in Chapter 22. The government`s economic activities within the GSA are structured to preserve and strengthen the traditional economy and to work towards the economic self-sufficiency of the gwich`in. The CGs are signatories to the AHRDA. Signed in April 1999 and extending until 2004, this five-year contribution agreement provides funding for Aboriginal training within the GSA. The agreement also provides funding for child care initiatives to increase the provision of quality child care for children with working or trained parents residing in the GSA. The plan to implement the agreement, signed in 1992, expires on 22 December 2002. Chapter 28 of the agreement provides for the implementation committee to deliberate and make recommendations on the implementation of the agreement after the initial 10-year period. The Gwich`in have traditional harvesting areas that overlap with other populated rural areas, including the Inuvialuit region, the Sahtu Settlement Area, the Vuntut Gwich`in Settlement Area and the Nacho Nyak Dun Settlement Area.

There is a need for overlap between harvesting and wildlife management. The Resource Management Division played a leading role in the development of these duplication agreements. In 2001-2002, an interdepartmental committee was established for contractual obligations related to the implementation of comprehensive land use contracts. The PWGSC is a member of this committee, which meets quarterly to discuss implementation issues. In January 2001, the GMCs withdrew from the Steering Committee, believing that the committee had exceeded its original mandate created by the Ministers of IAND and the Environment. The following July, the Steering Committee sent a letter to the CGV stating that the CEAMF was not and could not support focal claims and self-management agreements. The letter also confirmed the importance of the full implementation of Part VI of the MVRMA. On the basis of this information, the GVCs have resumed their active role on the CEAMF Steering Committee. 2 In this Act, the comprehensive landclaim agreement signed on April 22, 1992 in the House of Commons for the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development between Her Majesty the Queen in Canadian law and the Gwich`in, represented by the Gwich`in Tribal Council, presented on November 16, 1992 in the House of Commons for the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development , contains changes and changes that have been made from time to time in accordance with the agreement. During 2001-2002, CIMPWG also faced several challenges. The municipalities of Gwich`in have not been consulted since 1999 and a community tour will be required.

The Sahtu have also expressed disagreements with the process and other Aboriginal governments within the NWT are still considering participating in the program. All of these issues will require solutions in the next fiscal year. The Aboriginal summit reorganized the current financial agreements within the NWT. It is developing a territorial financial model that could be used as a result of self-management or decentralization agreements to restructure financial agreements. Board members discussed cooperation agreements with other regulators and supervisory boards adjacent to the Mackenzie Valley, namely the Nunavut Impact Review Board, the Environmental Impact Review Board and the Alberta Natural Resources Conservation Board.

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