Thrifty Car Hire Agreement

19. The tenant undertakes, upon request, to pay, upon request, all the following taxes (whether or not the taxes are shown on the front of this agreement): as payment for the rental of the vehicle, all charges at the rates indicated at the front of this agreement for each 24-hour period (or part of it) from the departure time of the vehicle set in this agreement; As of March 1, 2011, the liability costs for individual vehicles will be suspended by all car rental vehicles for which the rent is paid or by the vehicle that is supported by an urban site. This is the case for all metropolitan areas and places where prices apply to the metropolitan area. 5.5 Rental fees include (if applicable): (a) the basic rental price – the daily rent; (b) vehicle registration recovery fee – the daily amount to be paid to recover our vehicle registration and registration fees as a rental vehicle; (c) the additional equipment rental costs you have requested; (d) the cost of additional damage protection or more recovery protection than you have selected; (e) administration fees – the invoice tax we collect for administrative costs related to your rent. The fee is 3.5% of all rental costs (plus GST); (f) additional driving charges – a daily fee calculated for the addition of an additional driver to the rental contract (subject to our consent); g) Young Driver Fee – a daily supplement for every driver under the age of 25; (h) exceeding the mileage charge – the fee to be paid if you exceed the deductible allowance specified in the rental document. We use the vehicle`s mileage meter to calculate the number of kilometres travelled during the rental. The price of each additional kilometre is indicated, if applicable, in the rental information document; (i) One Way Fee a fee for returning your vehicle to a thrifty rental station different from the rental point rented by the vehicle rental company. The height of the One Way Fee varies depending on the type of vehicle and the location of the rental and is calculated according to the distance between the rental location and the thrifty rental station where the vehicle is returned; (j) Premium Location Surcharge – the additional amount to be paid when a vehicle is rented at a rental station at an airport or in a location or in isolated locations.

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