Under The Lease Agreement The Lessee Gets The Right To Mcq

Question 3. Under the lease agreement, the underwriter has the right (a) to share the profits made by the lessor (b) in the management of the organization (c) Use the asset for a specified period (d) sell the assets Question 6. When a party grants the other party the right to use the asset for periodic payment, it is referred to as a. (a) factoring leasing financing (c) public deposits (d) liabilities under the lease, the purchaser obtains the right to a contract or includes a lease agreement if the contract carries the right of a fixed period of exchange. A lease agreement is an agreement between two parties, whereby the owner of one asset gives another party the right to use it in exchange for a periodic payment. Therefore, a lease agreement gives the underwriter the right to use the lessor`s assets for a specified period of time. At the beginning of the start-up, a lease measures the assets of the right to use – an entity applies IFRS 16 to all leases, with the exception of sublease rights leases. Leasing is a contract by which the asset owner gives the other party the right to use the asset in exchange for a periodic payment. The position of the assets transferred to the low-investment lessor. Question 21. Funds borrowed through loans or loans are (a) loans borrowed (b) Owners Equity (c) None of this equity capital.

Question 24. The life insurance company was established in 1965 (b) 1956 (c) 1975 (d) 1985 Question 2. As part of the factoring agreement, the factor (a) produces and markets the goods or services (b) Makes the payment on behalf of the customer (c) Collecting the client`s debts or receivables (d) The transfer of goods from one place to another public deposit is the result of deposits that are made directly by (a) The public (b) Directors (c) Auditors (d) , is the right answer the option to use the installation for a set period. Your email address will not be published. The required fields are marked – Question 10. The common shares of a company are delivered to the custodian bank, which in turn issues the certificates of deposit which are called commercial banks (a) ADR (c) None of this response DDR: c) Receiving the receivables or receivables of the client (b) participate in the management of question 25. Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI) was founded in July 1948 (b) July 2001 (c) July 1956 (d) July 1991 Question 22. GDRs can be converted into shares (a) at any time (b) After 5 years (c) After 10 years (d) After one year of question 7. The money generated by the issuance of shares is referred to as debt (b) Equity Capital (c) Loans (d) Reserve Fund Question 19.

Investors who want a stable income should not prefer equity securities (d) bonds.

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