What Is A Quota Purchase Agreement

9.30. Lease and construction. Until the reference date, the company is a party to the lease of the building leased by the seller and executed on January 2, 2015. Such a lease agreement is valid and in effect, all relevant payments that have been made up to the end date, and this lease has been duly filed by the company and the seller, with the exception of the rental fees that are in effect until the end date of the current lease and which have not yet been paid. That`s the end of it. Without prejudice to the right of withdrawal under Articles 5.8, 5.9 and 5.10, this agreement may be terminated at any time prior to the conclusion, with the written agreement of the parties. 11.6. General. The seller, shareholders and purchaser will take all reasonably necessary steps to ensure the closing of the transaction, the sale and purchase of the quota to the purchaser and the acquisition of Sevcon`s common stock by the seller, in accordance with the terms set out in this agreement. With the exception of certain existing credit facilities that are not commissioned by the company, the business is not part of financing contracts, loan contracts or similar financial facilities.

(c) the execution of a new lease of the building owned by the seller, as annex 7.2.1 (c) in the text attached to the seller; The company received from the seller the documents and information attesting to the energyability of the premises subject to the aforementioned lease agreement and which were attached to the corresponding energy certification. Management likes sales quotas because they are forecasting tools and help hold their employees to account. In the absence of allocated quotas, there are no formalized business objectives or turnover. Management will also be weaker if it is not able to refer to an expectation that representatives and managers approve. Salespeople may not agree with the quotas allocated, but employers can specify that sales agents must meet their quotas in order to keep their jobs. 9.25. Violation of competition law. No agreement, practice or agreement that is implemented by the company or in which the company is or has been involved is contrary to competition legislation or regulations. 9.9. Litigation. There are no disputes or arbitrations of any kind, criminal proceedings or investigations or investigations ongoing or threatened by or against the company or any of its officers, executives, agents or employees, and there are no circumstances that could give rise to such an investigation or investigation procedure.

11.5. Advertising. Except in the following sentence, none of the parties and sellers and shareholders expect the company to issue or proceed with the publication of a press release or other public notice regarding the agreement or the sale and purchase of that agreement without the purchaser`s prior written consent, unless required by law or by a listing agreement with a national exchange. or a national stock market. , and a written statement from counsel is provided to this effect, and only with as much written prior notification to the other contracting parties as is possible. The buyer has the right to announce the planned and completed acquisition by the purchaser of the quota and the company and to answer questions from the media regarding the proposed and closed acquisition.

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